Other than the few larger wine producers, well-known in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe, we focus a lot of our efforts in the special smaller wine producer, as of yet not been discovered. Our special service of “business matchmaking” is an unique solution for you to access the European wineries. If you want to know more about the European wine market and are prepare to import to your countries, you will need to contact us for a consultation.

Our wine-tasting service correctly judge foreign wines based on the current market orientation and to analyse their competitiveness and selling point. The experts will give the most accurate suggestion on how to choose the different wines.

Our company wine experts, wine-tasting masters will explore and taste the wine in order to judge the product’s cost, performance and characteristics for the Asian market. We also have great success in the Chinese market.

The product information provided will be:

  • Company name (vineyard or wineries)
  • Product names
  • Product varieties
  • Vintage
  • Wine region
  • Grape varieties
  • Density of plantation
  • Average age
  • Soil Composition
  • Fermentation
  • Ageing
  • Annual production of the wine
  • Price (FOB)
  • Product description and chemical analysis (alcohol content, sugar …)
  • Wine making description